The Only Training Club That Teaches You How
To Hit Your Driver’s Sweet Spot Every Time

Is it just us or do you also think most golfers struggle with the long stick? I mean why is it so hard to hit a club with the largest head in your bag straight down the middle?

Yes, the driver is hard to keep on plane not to mention we golfers hit that thing so hard like there is no tomorrow! If the grip were loose enough to fly out of your hands the club would probably land further than the ball!

But we understand, there is too much on the line - other golfers who can out drive you by a mile, tour pros, double bogey on last hole and so on. You want to prove a point and you should!

Here is the problem though, when you go to the range and hit ball after ball with your driver, the balls fly in all directions and you may or may not know why it started straight but ended up 40 yards to the right of your target and short.

In truth, it doesn’t matter why you hit a slice or a hook, what does matter is whether you can adjust your swing and fix the problem. And up until now the process of changing your swing and body motion meant getting a lesson from a pro, analyzing tons of your own swing’s videos and grinding it out at the range – all good things!

Straighter, Longer Shots In Seven Swings – The New Driver
Training Club Everyone’s Talking About

Here is the weirdest looking club to hit the market in a long time. It looks like a driver in your bag and you hit balls with it but the obvious twist is in the design of the face of the club.

PureShot Driver training club teaches you how to hit the sweet spot of the driver every time by giving you direct feedback through ball flight, sound and feel. Every miss hit that you produce with this club is extremely exaggerated, if you miss hit the center of the PureShot Driver it is impossible for the ball to go straight, even if you try to manipulate the clubface to compensate for not hitting the center or coming from under or over the plane - you cannot trick this club. No sir.

If you tend to miss the sweet spot of the driver to the left or “toe” side of the face, you probably tend to slice or push the ball to the right. PureShot Driver will exaggerate ball flight and push it even further right. You will then make the necessary adjustments to avoid further embarrassment and hit the sweet spot of this training club. It IS a training club; you have to practice with it. Beautiful thing is, the more balls you hit on the sweet spot with this club the straighter you will drive the ball when playing, the more greens you will hit from the middle of the fairways, the lower your score will be, the better player you will become!

The same goes if you tend to hook the ball, hit it with a very low trajectory (thin shots) or very high one (popped shots, ouch). PureShot Driver will SHOW you what you did wrong. You will be stunned in disbelief that such trajectory can be produced by the smallest miss hit of the sweet spot.

However, when you DO hit the ball on the sweet spot of PureShot Driver you will know instantly through seeing the straight ball flight and “the feel”. You will then allow your body and mind to reflect and learn what you did RIGHT and more importantly repeat that results-producing swing. Nothing tastes sweeter than the feeling of hitting the sweet spot of this new training club.

Do You Make These Mistakes Off The Tee With Your Driver?

Let me ask you a question. How many greens could you hit if your ball was placed in the middle of every fairway at your home course 30 yards past your buddies and a wedge in your hand? Ten? Thirteen? Every one of them? How many birdies would you score that day? Do you get the picture of how important it is to drive it straight?

Would you agree, based on your experience, that most BAD holes start with a drive that didn’t “drive” the way you intended? Think about how many out of bounds, lost balls, in the water, “where did it go?” ,“Fore!” drives you’ve hit over the years. How many easy holes and match games were lost due to a bad tee off? All these “less intended” shots damage your handicap and make you frustrated to the point of quitting the game or spending endless hours on the range or big bucks on instruction.

Aside from a bad or inconsistent swing, the number one mistake both amateur and professional golfers make is missing the sweet spot of their drivers. You can lose up to 30% of your distance (30-60 yards for most of us), not to mention a near  guarantee of missing the fairway. From rough or trees you will be lucky to get away with a par or a bogey.

Aside from teaching you how to hit the sweet spot of your driver for longer and straighter shots, most importantly you will learn the best swing tempo for you that will produce these shots. Remember one thing it is very, very hard to hit the sweet spot of this club (or your own driver) with a bad tempo.

How To Hit The Sweet Spot of Your Driver Every Time

The only way to learn how to hit the sweet spot of your driver every time is through repetition, if you can get your body to hit the PureShot Driver straight down the middle several times in a row your body will adjust to the new motion and tempo and you will start to feel what it is like to hit the dead center of the club.

The more you practice with this club the straighter and longer you will hit your own driver when playing golf with your buddies.

Another unique feature of PureShot Driver is the alignment line on top of the club head. When you think about it, every putter on the market has some kind of an  alignment line drawn on it. When it comes to drivers, manufacturers only give you a little dot in the middle next to the club face on top.

When you set up to hit a ball with the PureShot Driver you can now make sure that your shoulders, hips and knees are all parallel to the alignment line on the driver. It will also force your swing to stay on place and hit more balls dead in the center of the club. Bottom part of the alignment line remind you to take the club inside for a nice draw shot.

The club’s oval shaped sweet spot encourages you to only aim for the center of the club, if you hit off center to the toe or high off the center the ball will either slice to the right or pop up in the air. We did not make this training aid too easy to hit the balls with, it is challenging enough for beginners and tour pros, even they miss the sweet spot of the driver sometimes, now you have a tool that even pros do not have yet.


Train by hitting balls
Has the same feel as your own driver
Alignment line to help you find the center
Teaches you how to hit the sweet spot every time
Makes you focus on hitting the ball straight
Improves your tempo
See, hear and feel hitting the sweet spot

As driver sizes have increased, finding the true center of the club has become more important than ever. Just because the club appears to be bigger does not mean that the sweet spot is now easier to hit or that the club is more forgiving. True sweet spot is always the very center of the club face and is about the size of a pin.

The larger a drivers face, the more “trampoline effect” it has. If you have ever jumped on a trampoline, you may have noticed that you can jump higher and straighter from the CENTER of the trampoline. Jumping on or near the edge you go half as high and up anywhere! To maximize the transfer of energy, you must hit the ball on the sweet spot. Missing the sweet spot can actually “over compress” the ball, resulting in lost yardage and missed fairways. When you utilize the center of the club-face, your ball compresses in a controlled manner, providing a smooth transfer of energy and pure bounce off the club-face.

How Large IS the Sweet Spot?:
That depends mainly on the size and design of your driver, but to get maximum distance from your drives you must hit the CENTER of the sweet spot. Missing the center by a 1/2” with a 100 mph swing will shrink a 250 yard drive down to 200 yards. If you want to maximize your driving distance, use the PureShot Driver Training Aid to “home in” on your own driver’s sweet spot.

The Sweet Spot: Your Key To Maximum Distance off the Tee
Club head speed is an important part of driving the golf ball, hitting the sweet spot is even more important. Applying the sweet spot of your driver to the ball delivers the most energy possible. I’m sure at one point or another you have felt the solid contact and smoothness of a shot that was hit “right on the button”.  The question is, how do you consistently hit that sweet spot? The answer is simple: practicing with the PureShot Driver from ExcitoGolf.