"Good training aid. It does tell you when you miss the sweet spot and when you hit it... you really knew it. It would just rocket the ball down the range. With the PureShot, it forces me to be perfect or darn near it."

Grant D

"I am extremely impressed with the club, I expected a very cheaply built driver, but it really is well built and gives a solid feel when hit on the platform. I think it could really give me a mental edge when standing over my normal driver."


"PureShot Driver training aid will help you find the most important ingredient to successful ball striking- hitting the center of the club face.  By using this driver one can find the sweet spot more consistantly which will lead to longer and straighter drives."

Jason Streeter


"When I miss the sweet spot with the PureShot Driver, the ball goes literally haywire. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I receive instant feedback through ball flight, sound and feel. I make myself focus on the sweet spot and it motivates the heck out of me to not miss that spot"

Brent Richman

"I think it’s the most fun driver training aid ever invented. The PureShot Driver is already helping everybody who has tried the early prototypes to hit the ball longer and straighter, right on the sweet spot!"

Vadim Guchinskiy